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People Industry is a new classical musical by Georg Kajanus



Orchestral Score, Lyrics and Libretto by Georg Kajanus



Frank Rosenbloom, the CEO of the PEOPLE INDUSTRY CORPORATION PR firm and two carefully chosen teams set off on an exploratory journey to probe for qualities within humanity and to fulfill the following brief: "THE POSITIVE RE-BRANDING OF MANKIND", as well as creating a simple and snappy slogan that would truly capture the spirit of the brief.

The single stage setting of PEOPLE INDUSTRY is a grand and luxurious boardroom, featuring a large Art Deco conference table with an expansive video screen at the back of the room. The screen is flanked by two huge, floor-to-ceiling, arched windows overlooking the Manhattan skyline. This is where all the hard work, conflicts and solutions play out.

The PEOPLE INDUSTRY CORPORATION has already entered the world of Algorithmic processing and Artificial Intelligence through their recently developed "Thought-Ware" computer program.

This culminates in two separate audiovisuals shown on the boardroom video screen, where we make the acquaintance of Algo, a well-spoken friendly automaton from the Algorithmic Data Processing Lab, as well as Algo-X, a discontinued prototype that hijacks the screen for a short, but unsettling moment.

Frank is the originator of the client's brief and as such is responsible for most of the dialog, bringing the necessary information to the teams as well as to the audience. Various aspects of humanity are explored by the team members to shape their pitches, which are presented in the form of arias.

But can we as humans, impartially and unemotionally truly evaluate ourselves? Or would there be a conflict of interest?

The journey and the answer to that conundrum: through music, lyrics, dialogue and visuals = PEOPLE INDUSTRY.

⎯ Georg Kajanus