People Industry is a vocal-orchestral work by Georg Kajanus.

“PEOPLE INDUSTRY is an exuberant, musical exploration of the human journey. It is expressed through six principal movements divided into seventeen sub-movements, all dealing with different aspects of life. It is verbally defined by four classically trained vocalists and instrumentally illustrated by a twelve-piece string and percussion ensemble.

"Some five years ago, I was inspired to write what has now become the title movement of my latest work, PEOPLE INDUSTRY. The inspiration was based on my fascination with human sexuality and our peculiar embarrassment about a function that is, after all, fundamental to our survival as a species.

"Sex, aside from being our most pleasurable physical experience, is also our investment in the highly successful industry of life. We are part of a super production line that stretches all the way from the exchange of DNA to the fully formed end product, which in turn is greeted by numerous service industries waiting for us outside the womb. We are consumers from the time we are detected as living embryos. We try to control ourselves and our environment; and to some extent, we are succeeding. However, finding a balance between overproduction and underproduction will always be a challenge and Earth has truly become the ‘ball’ on which Mankind is trying to perfect its balancing act.

"PEOPLE INDUSTRY does not offer solutions or judgments; it simply bears witness to our evolution as a species. It highlights a number of our historical milestones and explores the question of how we got here and how we alone -- amongst so many other earthly life forms -- are succeeding in breaking out of nature’s cycle of synchronicity; i.e., creative thought over instinctual servitude. Human imagination and potential seem endless and, contrary to the many prophecies of doom, we are still here, creating through art and science our own private and collective reasons for living.”

- Georg Kajanus